BIGSOUND 2016 – How To Crack The International Touring Scene

“In Europe you get your credibility, in America you make your pay back,” quips Roman Trystram, agent to Flight Facilities, Hermitude, RÜFÜS and then some.


Reported for Street Press Australia [READ HERE]

One of the major differences here, in Australia, is one man seems to wear many hats from manager to agent to booker to go-getter. This is a panel of experts who wear the one hat and wear it well.

They were; Emilie Davaine (A Gauche de la Lune) from France, Alex Bruford (ATC Live), Roman Trystram (Creative Artists Agency) both from Great Britain, Nikita Lavrinenko (Paper and Iron Booking Co) and Marco Walzel (Avocado Booking) from Germany and Mark Vaughan (Atomic Soul) from Norway.

One of the major take-aways from this one was, for artists looking to tour internationally, it’s less about album sales, international live notoriety and more to do with the music’s momentum online and through local press channels. Also, where they’re at career-wise and acting quickly after a record release, advises agent Alex Bruford who reps The Lumineers, Mac DeMarco, Passenger and more.


“You don’t have to be an asshole to make it far.”

“Putting together a tour 18 months after an album drop is an uphill battle, people move on,” he adds.

For booker, Marco Walzel, before even sites like Pitchfork and Stereogum big note an artist, he likes going the discovery route to getting involved with an artist. He passed on Parkway Drive five times before the band flew to Europe, stayed with friends, letting Marco know they were ready and willing to play any gigs.

“If a band tickles me, I want to be involved,” he admits. “For me it’s about finding a synergy.”

Speaking to managers looking to break into the UK and European markets, the key terms were hard work and communication as expressed collectively by the panellists.

“No secret sauce, just hard work,” labored Roman.

“A good manager doesn’t have to have 25 years’ experience but they have to be prepared to work hard, be a really good communicator and travel – [a manager] not being able to afford a ticket simply isn’t good enough,” stresses Alex Burford. “You have to get out and go to the market and knock on doors.”

“You don’t have to be an asshole to make it far,” closes booker, Marco Walzel.

Before proceedings wrapped up Marco chimed in with his own burning question, for which he had the answer. Why are Australian bands doing so well in Europe?

“They’re down to earth, less cocky. Unlike many US bands, Australian [bands] focus on Europe,” he replied.


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