DANNY BROWN @ The Tivoli

Product of his environment and characterised with that tongue out, braids swangin’, the Motor City rapper gets right into his zone tonight, touring Brisbane through the trap borne out of Detroit’s decline.

DANNY BROWN Live @ The Tivoli, BNE – Friday 22nd April, 2016
Supports: DJ Skywalker (US)

Words by Rip Nicholson
Images by Bobby Reid

A little after 10pm, Danny Brown bounds out to centrestage, with Bruiser Brigade’s ZelooperZ in tow, to little formal hype from tour DJ Skywalker who drops the shit the rapper’s been known for since his first mixtape, 2010’s Hawaiian Snow. For his first throw-down back in Australia, DB brought that unadulterated, turnt-up and ready for war type vibe, bleeding his hip hop live with the energy of EDM.

Peeling off Express Yourself, the Diplo-inspired twerker, DB continued to battle out A-Trak’s high octane beat drops of Oldwhile having both dodged and indulged a brief encounter with two girls playing stage invaders who were told in no uncertain terms to get the fuck off the stage. He keeps the set rolling into the SKYWLKR-produced Lie4 and I WIll both off his 2011 XXX second album.

“If you ain’t drunk like me you at the wrong party,” states Brown who, with a half-cut swagger, saves the stunnas for last, 25 Bucks and Dip to get the Tivoli turnt and tilted as DB does his finale stage-dive and bounces out, only to return briefly to slap out the front row to D.R.A.M.’s Cha Cha.







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