MAFIA KISS – How He Offers A “Kiss” To His Crowd



MAFIA X interviewed @ 19:45 AEST – Friday 10th April, 2010
For Street Press Australia & Rip2Shredz Press


“It’s the title track off the EP and the track itself came to light from idea I had to try and blend the sounds of house music into what I do,” explains Mafia Kiss’ Paul Baron of latest release, It Began In Detroit. “The build-up with the pads and synths initially had a four to the flour beat over them leading into the broken beat with the vocals saying It began in Detroit, then to be cut short by the second vocals that come in after the vinyl stop wrong track… let’s get to real thing and boom, it hits you with how we like to BEEP!

This is what Mafia Kiss does. The solo project of Baron, an award-winning producer from the UK, was, last year, nominated for Breakpoll’s Best New DJ.

“I went one better and won this year.” Baron won Breakpoll’s Remix of the Year award for the Mafia Kiss’ed Stanton Warriors track. And has built a reputation for sealing the most banging hip-house, electro-hop, rap and trap beats with his beats’ unique “kiss” in his DJ sets.

“‘Wrong track… let’s get to real thing’ and boom, it hits you with ‘how we like to BEEP!’”


“The secret, as I’ve just found out, is to be brave enough to step away from formulas and not to try and deliver what is expected of you. I think up till now my sound may have been translated with a US vibe. But, it’s taken me to places like Russia, Spain, Germany and Switzerland also. So, I guess it’s got a universal touch to it. I can say I’m definitely being influenced by the UK bass scene right now.”

Baron is otherwise known for his cut-and-mix skills and his exploration through innovative breakbeat bass. His Night Selection mixtape blew up across the UK’s simmering bass head cult.

The main thing I wanted to do with the Night Selection concept is show my darker side and my more club-oriented side. That’s something I want to do that hopefully will expand into more than just a mix. Already the idea behind it is to bring that feeling of when you used to buy a mix on album or CD by releasing it on a specific date and time.”

The DJ released his first EP, It Began In Detroit, not long after igning with the Stanton Warriors’ infamous Punks label.

“It was tough as there are so many new sounds and influential tunes coming out right now, so it was hard to finish, but now I realise that I was trying to stick to a formula that I thought other people wanted to hear or expect of me.

I decided to name the EP [It Began In Detroit] as the whole thing felt like a journey to make and in each track you can hear the development of that journey.”

He’s back down under with another of the UK’s dopest. I just played in London with Deekline the other weekend too and we both laid down some seriously fresh beats and I think it really paid off as the crowd was really feeling it, so you can expect the same to come when we hit Perth.”


MafiaX [Apr15]


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