With a show that hosts a broadened hip hop audience, Seth Sentry bridges the underground scene to the fickle hipsters coupled up into one crowd craving to break from reality, just for one night with one of Australia’s best storytellers.

Seth Sentry Live @ Hi-Fi, BNE – Friday 20th February, 2015
Supports: Coin Banks & Citizen Kay

Images courtesy of Dave Kan

For Street Press Australia & OHHS

Support act Coin Banks staggers but gathers his start. Without a DJ, the Perth MC drops bars acappella, prowling the stage like a headline act and going from Heads to Tails for the captivated crowd streaming in. Citizen Kay follows on before your girlfriend’s crush Seth Sentry takes the mic with his running mate DJ Sizzle behind him, decked out in a pinched handlebar moustache and glitzy blazer. Together, they cover everything from the 2008 The Waiter Minute EP, 2012’s This Was Tomorrow, and a few sneakies off the new album.

The setlist opens on Vacation which instantly provokes a strong singalong. He then parts his audience into hipsters and suits and breaks into My Scene. In true storyteller fashion, Sentry speaks between tracks setting each one up, as he does with Room For Rent and Float Away sending it out to all the bartenders, wait staff and those in hospitality who have had to put up with dirtbag customers, which receives huge roars of approval. Sentry then swings a left and hits everyone with his Like A Version cover of Frenzal Rhomb’s Punch In The Face. Shit gets real.

Crowd participation has peaked. So when The Waitress Song ramps up it’s recited line by line like a nursery rhyme. Being the consummate showman, Sentry runs that straight into Dear Science and careful not to trip over, employs security to tie his laces before balancing himself out on to barricade railings at the left of stage to chat with punters. With some so-called “Ninja Scroll shit” he tightropes back on stage, front and centre for new single Run, crossing the line for curtain call by midnight.

Sentry encores with Strange Lot and Langoliers Banquet leaving its backing track to linger on as he and Sizzle humbly thank everyone. For a big-time rapper, Seth Sentry’s the guest who will offer to clear plates and thank you for having him over before taking off with your girl.


2-15 Seth Sentry Live


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