SETH SENTRY – Life On The Road Can Get Bleak – ‘Real Dark, Real Quick’

It’s that time again, when Seth Sentry comes to town. With a new touring diet of curbed drinking and channelling the Aztecs through chia seeds in his cereal, Seth “Sentry” Marton tells Rip Nicholson of a new energy he’s putting into his shows.

SETH SENTRY interviewed @ 11:00 EDT – Thursday 22 January, 2015
For Street Press Australia

Seth “Sentry” Marton has kept himself running a heavy tour schedule over the last few years.

From his return from the SXSW US tour and his flanny appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he ran two successful national tours before entering 2014 billed on Bliss N Eso’s Circus Under The Stars tour with Horrorshow and Ceekay Jones, a whirlwind of stages and dates. Most recently, Marton joined Hilltop Hoods, Illy, Thundamentals, Drapht and more at Triple J’s Beat The Drum anniversary party.

“That was great – loved it. It just made me wish I had a crew,” Marton admits. “I mean, I have my DJ, Sizzle, who I love, but when I see some of these rappers with their crews it makes me feel like I wish I had that many friends to call a crew, you know?”

During the lonely life on the road, Marton has been able to finish a new single from an as-yet untitled new album, due later this a nostalgic throwback to his childhood in Burn City’s Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula.

“It just reflects me being a product of my environment,” Marton admits. “I know that since the last album I have learned a lot more about my music and I’ve become more comfortable in what I’m saying. I feel like this time around this album I’m going to be more the rapper in it.”


“Chia seeds, man. Aztecs used to eat it or some shit. I’m channelling that warrior spirit,”

Time again has come for the seal to get back on stage with a beach ball. “Love it,” says Marton, interjecting his enthusiasm for the upcoming national dates. Although it’s old hat for him, he explains a new regime to sharpen the live game. “I think we’ve kinda fine-tuned it to a point where, because it’s not a novelty, I’m past getting completely wasted before a show and then trashed after a show and waking up like, ‘Where the fuck am I?’ I’ve had far better and more energetic shows as a result. I’m enjoying them more. It’s actually made it more fun and less depressing. When you do a big tour and you get halfway through and shit just turns bleak, man – real dark, real quick. And I don’t have that any more. It’s good.”

A sensible diet accompanies this new regime, introduced to him by his faithful touring partner. “We’re eating well. DJ Sizzle introduced me to a whole lot of foods which I was mega against, but now I don’t hate chia seeds in my breakfast cereal this morning. Chia seeds, man. Aztecs used to eat it or some shit. I’m channelling that warrior spirit,” he laughs.

Or, perhaps more integral to the newly energised sets, as he explains, “We’ve revamped this set, especially for this run. We’ve gone back into the studio with all the old mixes of the EP songs and even some This Was Tomorrow songs and remixed the beats for a live sound so they slam harder.”



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