When A$AP Ferg invites any rappers to join him onstage for an impromptu session and he gets two fails and gives up, you realise tonight’s show is catering to the other half of Brisbane’s hip hop scene.


A$VP FERG Live @ Hi-Fi BNE – Saturday 29th March, 2014
For Street Press Australia & Rip2Shredz Press

Words by Rip Nicholson
Images courtesy of rcstills

To those religious to Oz hip hop, full of hungry homemade MCs who would knock each other out to spit bars, this was not their scene. A$AP Ferg, none the wiser, came to turn the joint out and that he did in straight-up Harlem A$AP style.

Sparse venue, with upstairs closed, for The Hi-Fi this was a small audience who knew all the words to Chief Keef and other syrupy sweet trap beats as spun by the local DJ early on. Swagger was down pat tonight, black-on-black patent leather on paisley designs. Incidentally, Ferg and his DJ wore all-white outfits with straps that looked either like a parachute suit or straitjacket. As the curtains closed at 10.15pm, 15 minutes’ worth of wails of “Fee-erg” had it reopen to reveal the bass-heavy album, Trap Lord shattering the house.

The weed smoke thinly scents the air and Ferg gets extremely drenched in his own hard work on the mic. It wasn’t long before typical rap antics filled the show’s memories. Within 20 minutes every girlfriend in the house bum-rushed the invitation to jump on stage and twerk their parents proud while the rapper segued into I Fucked Your Bitch from Dump Dump. Seeing a bunch of Beckys dropping low was a highlight. As was the moment Ferg took bended knee to become his alter-ego Hood Pope and prayed for our sins before surfing the front rows and parting the front section into two halves while he looked for Jesus. Then a brawl broke out at the bar, Ferg denouncing the behaviour and speaking earnestly on drug issues back home in Harlem, New York that led into Cocaine Castle, then Work, which raised the level of the energy to a new peak. The front turned into a mild mosh pit of fanboys trying to slap hands with Ferg while their girlfriends tried to catch his eye. Last song came at 23.15, when Ferg channelled ‘Shabba Ranks’ to great response and encored with Hood Pope.

Tonight’s show, at a short hour, was packed with Trap Lord tracks spat furiously at a pace eaten whole by the crowd desperate to celebrate music that suited their image. Ferg was off the hook, great job at doing what he is expected to do. Not an unhappy punter in the vicinity. Perhaps the biggest transgression of the night, of which there were very few, was that nobody seemed to notice or care that the man behind the man of the hour, Ferg’s DJ, is in fact TJ Mizell, the son of legendary music icon, Jam Master Jay.



4-14 ASAP Ferg-Live


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