PROPHET RAYZA – Double Trilogy



PROPHET RAYZA interviewed @ 18.30 AEST – 9th December, 2010
For Street Press Australia & Rip2Shredz Press

Images courtesy of Conan Whitehouse

Going through the grades of hip hop culture, Young MC Wade McIntyre aka Prophet Rayza had graduated into one of Boomtown’s sharpest rappers in the shop. Out on display with his brand new EP Six Books, McIntyre has done the math and all signs are pointing him into the right direction.

“I wanted to do six songs, plain and simple,” McIntyre explains of the EP, newly released off Born Fresh Records. “And I started researching the number six and everything kept pointing me into the direction of sixes. It’s the most perfect number mathematically, other than one. And there’s six axes of the zodiac that can link the universe and everything pointed around to me working on the number six. And I didn’t want to just say ‘here’s six songs’ but make every track into six books to push it as a total package. Each book is set in an order, like the writing is split, and it can stand alone but it reads as books that go together to make the work complete.”

The tracks feature six beatsmiths lending to the final sextuplet -DATS (The Optimen), Tommy Illfigga and DJ Butcher (The Crate Creeps), Cam Bluff (Vegas Aces), Daneja (from New York) and McIntyre himself. “It was an idea that I ran with and little things along the way kept showing me that I’m heading in the right direction. It started to work the way I wanted it and it kept itself moving, in a sense.”

His first mixtape, Spits And Piecesupon which McIntyre showcased his lyrical flex over some of the hardest international beats mixed up at the Bloody Abbetoir, sold out 5,000 copies within the first two months and over 650 downloads since its release. Keeping the ball rolling was an important factor for McIntyre going into running Six Books out.

“I thought, ‘I’m gonna push this mixtape, just go ahead with it and get it to as many people as possible’,” he says. “So while the buzz is still there and people are aware of [Prophet Rayza], if they are interested in checking on me, a year later I’ve got the tour dates, the EP, so that keeps the momentum up. Otherwise, it’s wasted.”

The talent of Prophet Rayza has not been lost – in fact he expresses talent with an Ironlak just as well as he does with a mic. Though a resident artist at The Fort (Fortitude Valley), McIntyre believes his true calling is as an MC.

 ”I started researching the number six and everything kept pointing me into the direction of sixes. It’s the most perfect number mathematically, other than one.”

“I really decided to pursue that avenue more than the others. It’s changed over the years where rapping was sort of the hype to begin with when I was breakdancing. But I saw MCing as the element that I really wanted to push and take it as far as I could.”

And going through the ranks, McIntyre admits, “It’s given me a greater respect for the culture of hip hop, how it works and where it stems from. I don’t necessarily think that someone has to go through the steps to become an MC. But it’s respect and paying homage to the culture that has helped shape my style.”

“The biggest feedback I’ve been getting have been people saying that I’ve improved in leaps and bounds, that they can see in a lot of work that I’m trying to progress. And that’s what I wanted people to notice, and they are.”



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