RAINMAN – The Bourne Ultimatum



Rainman interviewed @ 19.00 AEST – 17th November, 2010
For Street Press Australia & Rip2Shredz Press


Rainman has long been synonymous with many acts brewed from the pot of Brisbane’s hip hop, best found on the scene and heard alongside most national headliners touring new albums through our South East saloon doors. From the Fortitude Valley to the West End, there isn’t a Boomtown rap rat who hasn’t witnessed him in a live rhyme. Ray Bourne has forever been the bridesmaid and with four years folded “and a whole bunch of life happening” since his debut LP had you reaching for the umbrella, the venue is locked and loaded to capture his return album – an evening with Rainman.

Live hip hop doesn’t turn in Brisbane without throwing Rainman in the ring. A tight-knit few have always survived together in the local scene and done most of their coming up together. Having flatted with two of this city’s front-lining rap camps, Rainman has always forged a strong bond within the circuit.

“We’ve all been pretty connected in, hanging out and doing shows for awhile… It’s just Brisbane. We’re a small town, really.”

“Spending the last ten years doing shows and putting shows together,” explains Bourne of being a beacon of the local scene. “We’ve all been pretty connected in, hanging out and doing shows for a while. I moved to Brisbane in 2005 and moved in with Yuinhuzami [of Coalition Crew].” And being creatures of hip hop habit, wrote beats and rapped together. “Also [performing with] The Optimen and even outside of hip hop with Kel from the Coalition, then the Kelly Gang and bit of Laneous action as well. It’s just Brisbane. We’re a small town really.”

Rainman’s first bites at the mic came by way of DNO’s Decipher crew in 2000 but nothing stuck. So the focus was redirected towards putting out a solo release. Also living with DATS from The Optimen, Rainmain was always aware of the trials of trying to assemble group artists for rehearsals or recordings. “But it’s never really just me,” admits Bourne. “The album comes out under my name but with [2006’s Fire In The Belly]and this album Sammsonite plays an integral part in most of the production. But it’s always a group effort, maybe some day we’ll come up with a group name.”

Trading beats for verses with producer Chasm, ‘Can’t See You’ has become the lead single, uploaded and online to answer to popular confusion about the “V.I.P.” artist, once and for all. It also offers Rainman up as good material for those metaphoric rhyme endings – not that he minds.

“Not at all,” laughs Bourne. “It gets used often enough as it is in conversation. And while it’s new to some people it’s obviously not new to me. Just as much as I’ve got two feet and two hands it’s not really that odd so yeah, it’s all good. Bring it on.”

Bourne’s launch of the comical ‘Can’t See You’ at The Edge is more of an intimate night in, albeit an early one. It’s a sensory feast with more visuals, backdrops and film works than a Hollywood set. And Bourne makes an offer hard to refuse. Free entry, all ages, a live show and a sit-down and a beer with Rainman and friends.

“I wanted to do something different. And for what we can do at The Edge with the equipment on site. It’s provided a few more options. So it makes more than just me rapping on stage, Butch behind me and Calski on the MPC.

“I’ve gotta let people at home know that they’d better have a good excuse not to be here,” Bourne declares. “I’m currently only offering exceptions for people interstate and note from mums.”



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