SKRYPTCHA – Use Your Religion



SKRYPTCHA interviewed @ 11:45 AEST – Tuesday 27th July, 2010
For Street Australia Press & Rip2Shredz Press


Skryptcha’s début Left To Write EP of 2009 was so well-received that Sydney MC, Angus Mead found himself having to shake off pressure to expand on the success of the EP on the return serve with his subsequent album The Numbers. He would rather prove he’s not a one-hitter, nor is he hiding behind Chasm’s super beats.

“I don’t ever really let praise or anything get into my head,” Mead explains. “I like to do my thing and I always feel like I can do better than what I’ve done so I was really motivated to take shit to the next level – let loose and show people that [Left To Write] wasn’t just a one-off and [that I] got lucky backed up by a great producer in Chasm. I pretty much went out on this album on my own so that was pretty much the biggest pressure. Wanting to do better each time becomes my motivation, 100%”

Skryptcha played Grasshopper to Chasm through his initial recordings and put his words in the hands of Chasm’s beats entirely for last year’s EP. Wanting to pull away from under Chasm’s shadows, Mead took more of a hands on approach to The Numbers, juggling through beats from heavyweights Jase, Mules, Ante Escobar, Chasm and M-Phazes. Although he says it proved to be harder work than expected, Meads insists it’s all been worth it.

“With the EP, I was relatively inexperienced and had producer Chasm hold my hand through the whole process,” Mead admits “I just really wanted to spread my wings and get involved in different beats and sounds and try to go out myself and prove that I can do things myself. It was a lot harder than I imagined but I’m stoked I did it. It was a great experience and I definitely think it will help me find my feet and where I wanna go in the future.”

Adding muscle to the LP, Skryptcha called on Gully Platoon’s Dialectrix to flex in an old fashioned throw down on ‘Locked Down’ both MCs spitting bars with some real lyrical definition.“With that track I really wanted to bring out a whole New York flavour to it and there’s no better purer rappers in the country than Dialectrix, and I knew getting him on board we could just smash it back and forth. I was really stoked with that record too,” boasts the proud MC. “There’s always gotta be that sort of track, taking it back to the essence – just real hip hop for the purists man.”

And hints as to where he wants to go in the future lie in the lyrics. Mead became well versed in other cultures through time spent in Canada, Mexico and Europe, and on The Numbers’ ‘One Way’ he admits to catching the itch to leave again for Europe. Whatever the case, he’ll perform where the world takes him. “I’d love to hook up a few contacts and do a few shows over there, even if it’s just in front of a handful of people. It would be a great experience, just sharing it with a whole different culture man, it would be dope.”



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