EVIDENCE – Eyes Wide Open


EVIDENCE interviewed @ 09:30 AEST – Friday 13th August, 2010
For Street Press Australia & Rip2Shredz Press

Images supplied.

California-born and raised Michael Perretta is coming down from the shoulders of the Dilated Peoples to prove himself away from the pack as a solo MC in his own right. The front man, temporarily a lone wolf MC as Evidence, is back to show that he can hold his own with the best of ‘em on new album Cats And Dogs.“This one is more about stepping up my rap skills,” Perretta reveals, “painting pictures with words and keeping the Evidence brand up to date with my latest feelings and emotions that need to expressed.”

For the follow-up studio album, the Weatherman (as he is affectionately known as) uses the colloquial phrase used to describe bad weather to separate it from the glorified imagery of inner-city reality rap born below the genetically-spurted palm trees that stretch for the LA Skyline.

“Cats And Dogs is a British term for heavy rain. I’m just keeping the imagery of a dark day in Cali alive. It’s not all palm trees, sunshine and gangsta rap here. I represent the other side. The side that might not get all the coverage but definitely exists.”

Reigning in on the last affair, Evidence invited a heavy guestlist to The Weatherman LP for the beats and verses throughout. Hitting up MCs to spit a verse on your solo work can alter the recordings from the original course and charter you into new waters – which can equally be a nice move creatively or a career misstep.

“I am a producer, so that side says do what is best for the song,” Perretta, an MC who understands both points of view, says in explaining that others’ views of the same song can visually enhance the soundscape. “I love to remove a verse and replace it with a different voice if it can make the vision more powerful. If you rap three verses of every song because of a pride issue, I feel bad for you son.”

Recently Perretta dropped ‘For Whom The Bells Toll’, a track destined for new EP, The Layover. The LA Native hooked up with Phonte, Blu and a local producer known worldwide as will.i.am, who hung out on the hook. Here he let fresh heads rip the track up which brightened up one artist’s original idea. And having the extreme genius of will.i.am drop in it was sure to receive nods. With the two veteran west coast natives’ careers having run parallel and straight outta the same pocket of LA, one might wonder why we haven’t heard them together before.

“I just got off the phone with [will.i.am]. Funny. That was the first time in over ten years we got in the studio together, it was like old times. If we ever do again it will be dope,” Perretta quips. “I like bringing him back to the underground shit, but let him bring the polish to it.”

Peretta will release Cats And Dogs later than expected, after a date of April 2010 was mentioned online, but admits he needed the time out. “I needed a little time to myself before another year of straight touring. It was actually something that was very needed. I am starting to feel very charged in the last month or two.”

Cats And Dogs is tentatively due out this November, and Peretta is simply delighted to be given the chance to bring the weather with him, dropping at least three tracks from the upcoming album.“I’m a kid in a candy store down under. I work my arse off, but feel so rewarded for this opportunity.”



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