ELOQUOR – It’s Latin For ‘Express Yourself’


ELOQUOR interviewed @ 12.30 AEST – 10th July, 2010
For Street Press Australia & Rip2Shredz Press


“I didn’t write anything on this album without the beat talking to me. Every single beat I had listened to if it didn’t blend with me I didn’t use it” explains Donny Pelsoczy who, after a trip to Hungary in 2000 returned as Eloquor expressing himself through music in more ways than one. “Every beat makes me think about something that’s happened in my life. And this may sound stupid but I feel like the rap is the medium of the beat. Like the beat speaks through the rapper, through your body and your voice and says what the beat wants you to say.”

While Pelsoczy’s chemistry with the beat seems unique, an Eloquor product is far from complete without the following added to the formula – “Coffee and beer. That’s where it’s at for me. Beat loud, coffee in hand, feeling what its saying and writing down words that come to mind and it just grows. I like to be by myself and just feel the beat. That’s pretty much how I write. I wrote most of that album, a good three quarters of it in cafes around St. Kilda and Prahran. I’ll put my headphones on, drink coffee and watch people.”

Charge is his second album after Move Up and third attempt at a deal with Obese Records. The first was an EP knocked back by the label giants and second “just wasn’t there yet,” according to Pelsoczy. “I really tried to bust my arse this time and make this the best album I possibly could so they would back me up. I pretty much did most of it by myself and then once it was mastered, by myself I got it over to Pegz and he goes, ‘Yep, let’s do it.’”

A total of 13 producers gave over beats to the Melbourne MC, who went global in trying to connect the perfect beat to his vision of hip hop as inspired by classic albums like Nas’ Illmatic and Common’s Like Water For Chocolate. Pelsoczy worked two jobs to pay for beat reels.


“I really hunted for the best beats I could. Beats that I connected with. I really didn’t just wanna get any beat. I wanted it to carry a story or an emotion with me. So I’ve got a couple from the UK, America and one from Germany and they don’t come cheap. I worked two jobs and put all my money into beats because I just wanted it to be hot.”

Beats bought from Slimkat78 from the U.S., Mr Stone and Sir Williams from the U.K., Poker Beats, Doc Felix, Jase and hometown hero M-Phases added to soundscape. “[M-Phazes] wasn’t easy to get either man. I had to hit him up quite a few times but I got there. A lot of producers don’t wanna give their beats to just anyone. They want someone who can deliver.It’s a very expensive task, I’ve put all my eggs into one basket.”

Dreadlock-less before joining last year’s Hilltop tour, Eloquor’s Charge shows a maturing side of Pelsoczy – broaching fatherhood on ‘Daddy’s Girl’ – something the old Eloquor could never envision writing about – and feeling against the ropes with time on ‘Pressure’s On’, a track that really punches home the determination of Pelsocyz through this album.

“I was just about to start my amateur fight and I just had no turning back. I was like, man I’ve got no choice, I’m in the corner, there’s people watching, I’ve gotta fight. So that taught me a few things in other situations. You’ve got no choice but to stand up and fight and that’s the message I’m trying to get across. There’s gonna be a lot of people that wanna hold you back and not happy about you moving forward. As much as you wanna help people sometimes, you just gotta say fuck ’em! Fuck you’re not holding me back man!”


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