DCP interviewed @ 14:30 AEST – Thursday 6th May, 2010
For Street Press Australia & Rip2Shredz Press


MC and one half of Indigenous Intrudaz Douglas Patrick (aka DCP) has helped Stylin’Up mature into one of the nation’s leading hip hop days out, and his Indigenous Intrudaz are now at a stage where the rap duo can give back to the kids around the way. Paying back the community that brought him up and had his back, Patrick looks back with a lending hand before moving forward.
“It started out as being a voice for young, angry youth and now it’s an extension of us you know, eating, sleeping, breathing,” Patrick quips. “It’s become something we do naturally now. All we’re trying to do is incorporate positive messages, you know and just help out the young dudes man, ‘cause we wish we had someone like that at that age. We definitely woulda done this a lot earlier and wouldn’t have strayed off on the wrong path. We’re all about helping the young people.”

Coming up from the sullen side of Brisbane’s Inala and representing their scene for over a decade, Indigenous Intrudaz were reared on a culture that probably felt safer within its own community constraints. In the same vein, Indigenous Intrudaz are fast becoming leaders of the community with a speed-dial connection to the youth across their hometown. Their hip hop simply protests the grind of day-in, day-out best known to them and Patrick instils in tomorrow’s MC to “just do you”.

“I tell the kids, ‘Do you’ basically. Don’t necessarily follow what I’m doin’. Rap isn’t for everybody. You could be a good football player,” he continues. “We just come at them on their terms and what skills they have. If they love rap and the first thing they do when they wake up is listen to hip hop, all I can do is help.

“What we do is teach them how to structure songs like choruses, verses, bridges. Teach them how to pick topics and how to write to those topics. Now because a lot of kids have a negative attitude they wanna rap about killin’ and shit. I tell them, ‘nah, let’s keep it real’. Don’t try and be gangsta ’cause if you’re gonna talk about Benzes and women and partying at the club and you’re only 14… You know, you’re gonna look fake straight up. So I try to keep their minds grounded in reality and to be a voice for them, you know. This is a platform to say what they wanna say. We are always trying to give back to the community, they’ve always had our backs from the get go.”
A permanent fixture from the root to the fruit, Intrudaz give back to the community the best way they know how – live on stage at the Stylin’ Up festival which has grown into Australia’s leading Indigenous hip hop and R&B cultural festival.

“Man we’ve seen that grow from nothing, basically. That event was like an illegitimate kid, so to speak. We saw that grow from nothing to what it is today and it just blows us away man. It started off at grassroots community level man and gradually grew, grew, grew. Now it stands as one of the biggest hip hop, R&B festivals.

“Before we could afford any studio time, we used to drop rhymes on tape and diggin’ in the crates, for instrumentals on CDs from Central Station, Rockinghorse. We’d play it off the CD player and drop it through two tape decks and doing ad libs.”

MCs DCP, A-Mon (Damien Bani) and then-DJ, Zenay (Zenith Bonner) go way back to freestyling at The Source – and now after two years lying in wait, Patrick is proud to announce the drop of the Indigenous Intrudaz debut EP is coming soon.

“This is the result of The JB Seed grant. We’ve been around for ten years and all the hype around us is by live performance. We’ve given out demos and mixtapes coming up and basically this is our next big step.”



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