FUNKOARS – Striking Gold



DJ REFLUX interviewed @ 09.00 AEST – Thursday 14th January, 2010
For Street Press Australia & Rip2Shredz Press

Images courtesy of BJW Photography

The country’s rowdiest rap outfit, The Funkoars lyrically frame the thoughts and fantasies most men keep to themselves. The levels of debauched pastimes that MC and producer combo Sesta and Mr Trials and MC accomplice Sketchy Hons rhyme about almost comes off more as fantasy than blurred recounts of drunken benders. With The Funkoars about to open 2010 touring nearly 30 venues across Australia, Daniel Yates (aka DJ Reflux) insinuates that most of the stories rapped about have happened at some point during their illustrious ten year career.

“Most of the shit we rap about, we’ve done,” Yates admits. “A lot of [2009 album] The Hangover has to do with the last tour. We wrote it when we came off the road and had to do with all of that. Without going into too much detail there’s a lot of shit that we’ve each gone through at some point.”

Their reputation stands as one of the most unashamed purveyors of sex and sleaze, their rhymes drowned in an inebriated lack of give-a-fuck humour. “Yeah that’s us just taking the piss out of things, that’s very much us,” Yates agrees. “It has a lot to do with our personalities. We say the shit that people think about. We all think it, but people never wanna say it. Whereas we’ll fucking say it.”

Such misogynistic infamy stirred from big hitter ‘Kidney Shifters’ off their 2003 debut LP Who’s Your Step Daddy? has kept them ten-feet from most radio stations. But come 2010, one year removed from the release of their third LP, and The Hangover is running hot on triple j.

“People have changed a little bit now and accepted us, especially triple j and with The Hangover being more swallowable for radio stations to play. Also this was also our first album really pushed nationally. But there’s always gonna be a little stain in everyone’s mind of when they first heard us or the radio first heard our shit and decided each track was banned from airplay,” the DJ laughs off. “But now triple j are right behind us, so we can remain ‘Oars and still get that rotation on air. I doubt we’ll ever get too commercial, nor do we want to.”

Coming out of Adelaide’s Certified Wise massive circa 1999, The Funkoars have always held their own beside brothers in arms, Hilltop Hoods. Collectively they moved into the Obese crew and later jumped ship onto Hilltop’s Golden Era Records – now home to both heavyweights.
“We’ve just joined the camp and this is the spot we’ve wanted to be in for years. And that’s similar to what the Hoods are feeling now as well. It’s great that they’ve asked us to be a part of [Golden Era Records]. I’m sure we can have a good run with the label in terms of what we can do with this,” Yates spouts, his glass half full.

The Hoods remain streaks ahead as commercially the biggest hip hop export ever reared here. But instead of following this blueprint to success, the ‘Oars are sticking hard to their guns and cocking their filthy verses over the collective beats and break barrages to deliver the complete Funkoars package we know and love to hate.

“Hilltop are phenomenal, they’re ridiculously professional and stay hard on their grind and they’re very good at what they do. The ‘Oars are a different chemistry. While it’s a formula that can work when you look at the likes of Bliss N Eso, we’re a different kind of beast. The ‘Oars do the ‘Oars, you know what I mean?

“Sure we’d like to sell a million records, but we wanna make the fans come to us and not go to them as such,” he quips. “We want to build a firm base and do it the way we always have been.”



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