The LAX Tour ventured through the US, Britain, Europe and now down under. Hardcore California emcee The Game touched down this week to spread his Compton documentary, rolling deep with his Black Wall Street crew fresh outta France.


THE GAME Live @ Gold Coast Convention Centre – Monday 10th August, 2009
For Street Press Australia & [IN PRINT]

Words by Rip Nicholson
Images courtesy of Crystle Fleper

This last step of the tour is for a 2008 release album, L.A.X. falling just short of his ‘09 release, The R.E.D. Tape. For one of the most volatile antagonists in hip-hop, tonight is an event where anything could go down. And it nearly did.

With an apparent start to the evening as early as 7pm, attendance was low until well after 9pm. DJ Kris Stylez plays hype man on the decks, as a new recruit throws up his set in a ten minute prelude, before bulked-out, West coast street king, The Game swaggers out, hooded up, alerting everyone to his end-of-tour sickness. An apparent growl in his vocals confirms this as he bleats out his latest ‘Fuck Jay-Z’ tirade. ‘Dopeboys’ opens to a thunderous reception followed by Scott Storch-touched ‘Westside Story’ before his gruff, flu-ridden voice barks out for his mic to be fixed.

There’s a bum-rush to the stage as Game invites the entire front section to jump up. While 200 people swarm the stage, The red-star faced rapper holds a tight front pocket in which to firmly belt out classic hooks, ‘Let’s Ride’ and ‘Higher’. He further invites the honeys to line the front of the stage heaving into a dangerous spill-over on the brink while he serenades his Kanye collaboration ‘Wouldn’t Get Far’. Game’s toast to Michael Jackson previews the latest jump from The R.E.D. Tape and lead into Cool & Dre produced ‘Hate It Or Love It’ pre-empting aggressive G-Unot campaigning.

Short but explosive beats on ‘This Is How We Do’ and ‘My Life’ lowrider music really drives the crowd up a gear, ending on Dreams and the highly-anticipated ‘One Blood’ which seemed to extract a trend of ‘Blood’ gang salutes and red-rag flagging. By 10.30pm Game goes off-stage to entertain an impromptu autograph session. With the crowd waiting on a second-half performance, sound engineers confirm the close. The scheduled 75 minutes for The Game’s thugged-out left coast banger music was mashed out in barely 45 minutes.




09-08 Game Live Review


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