GULLY PLATOON – From the Gully to the Stars


DIALECTRIX interviewed @ 12:30 AEST – Wednesday 5th August, 2009
For Street Press Australia & Rip2Shredz Press


Unearthing a soundscape sprawling the unknown, four rugged recruits already fruit-salad decorated join a heavy production unit as a domestic hip hop Tropic Thunder, armed to the teeth on tour of duty to take ownership of the next corner-sound outside of hip hop’s scope. Crossing the big split is Dialectrix, an articulate wordsmith and MC from New South Wales who gives insight and vision into the newly banded interstate rap crew and stresses their need for going into no man’s land on their new album The Great Divide.

Joe New and Dialectrix matured their talents years ago as part of Syd-City’s Down Under Beats Crew, while Pegz is a music industry captain and one of the longest serving MCs in the game. Mixing them in with DJ 2Buck, the Platoon set out to challenge new formulae of hip-hop exploration.

“The chemistry was uncanny in how well it worked,” recalls Dial on the first beats of the Platoon album. “Pegz was the one who brought forth the urgency of something different. He picked the first beats – slightly futuristic sounding. At first I thought this is different to what I envisioned, but I took to the idea straight away. It reminded me of the effect Wu-Tang had years back.”

The Great Divide presents a different soundscape from the typical output from these seasoned artists. Featuring a diverse spectrum of samples found in the corners of records always in the last crate, the production unit including Jase and Plutonic bound further into uncharted regions leaving resounding footprints behind them. Taking its explorative courage into account, The Great Divide is a hard album going into 2010.

“Yeah, but I don’t necessarily think ‘hard’ is the ultimate, defining word. But we definitely wanted to have a presence of doing something that impacts people,” Dial clarifies on their mission. “We started experimenting with sounds that weren’t very common for Australian hip hop and thinking outside the orthodox box in production. From the get-go we want to make our stance on this album unique and carrying its own identity. We’ve done a fair bit of shit between us, so we wanted to merge our styles together in a totally unique way. We had this motto, if it’s different and not anyone else’s sound then it’s our sound and we’ll go with it. We could listen to six really good beats but only one sounded like it was Gully worthy.”


The second release and a worthy beat, ‘Coat Of Paint’ off the LP runs straight off the blueprint, tried and true to the Aussie standard, to satisfy the purist hip hop fans and sustain a credible edge.

“We wanted to reaffirm the fact that we can make songs with the techniques that have already been pioneered – the sampology, verses going for 16 bars, chorus. Instead of trying to lose people right off the mark I think ‘Coat Of Paint’ created a nice bridge from the kinda tried and true style of making music,” Dialectrix muses. “At the time we were worried that we’d done something too strange, and thought maybe we should put a song forward more normal, hook people in and then feed them with the medicine,” he laughs.

The recent release hit inside the ARIA top 20 and signals a return for the Obese Records CEO Pegz. Dialectrix hopes this won’t be a one-off outing for the hip hop supergroup.

“Definitely if the mind is willing. We want to go prove to everybody that this isn’t just a gimmick. We’re going it to take it to the live stage and do the whole kit and kaboodle as far as a crew goes. But the fact of the matter is we’re all separate entities with very busy schedules. If the worlds will permit, then yes we will.”



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