Spit Syndicate interviewed @ 14.00 AEST – 25th March, 2009
For Street Press Australia & Rip2Shredz Press


Representing the culture of Waltzing Matilda more so than most, Spit Syndicate handles hip-hop their way. These cats are young enough and fresh enough to move the bar to their level in Oz hip-hop when the time suits them. For now, Obese sees the potential in them and is helping to push their already ARIA nom’ed Towards The Light. To those who slept on their mixtape, they’re stepping up. The two-part duo drop a dope regime, two writers, two opinions to one track.

“It can go either way – we generally want to be writing songs about the same sort of ideas, issues and themes, that’s why we’re in the group together. We’ll often write our own verses which can represent two different perspectives or takes on a particular idea – as long as it’s still a cohesive song, from a song-writing point of view, that’s one of the best things about having two or more MCs in a group, you can cover different bases.”

Fresh to def, Sydney based Nick Lupi, 19 and Just Enuff A.K.A. Jimmy Nice, 20 have a bond deeper than Spit Syndicate. Having walked much of life together, the routine goes back further than their first recording. Their synergy was inevitable, and Spit was the product released before us.

“We grew up together, in the same area and were into the same sort of shit coming up: girls, hip-hop, graffiti, fine food, etc. It all sort of fell into place when we decided we wanted to start writing songs and performing.”

Their combined work ethic sweated through their first début album, Towards The Light and like all initial releases, it rides an arching level of lessons to grow from.

“I’m proud of what we’ve achieved; there are things which I would go back and do differently. The whole first album is a massive learning experience.” Nick admits with honest reflection. “You can’t go backwards though, so we’ve just gotta take from this experience what we can and make the second album much stronger.”


With joint production credit going to Hilltop’s Suffa, M-Phazes, Jase and Fame to get it rolling, these many hands in the kitchen stirring the beats, is a practised theory kept fresh and dynamic across the music scene.

“Fame’s been our boy from way back. We reached out to Phazes and Jase and let them know what fans of their music we were and how we wanted to work with them, they felt the same way – Fame, Phazes and Jase are all our friends outside of the rapper-producer relationship now, and that helps with making the actual songs.”

Stand-out track on the long-player, ‘On and On’ harbours a wicked intro loop found deep in the bottom of the crate, putting this theory to bed, “Jase is responsible for that beat – it’s killer. Shout outs to the whole Beathedz fam.”

Lyrically, ‘The Lucky Country’ puts the political hypocrisies of white Australia in check. Showing no fear in their verses and vocals, Spit drops the factual 411 on shit that needs to be said, leaving a wounding message behind the song.

“The message is, put quite bluntly, as cool as you may think it is to drape an Australian flag over your back or ink a couple of stars all up on your arm, there is some backwards shit going on in this country.” Passionately divulged, Nick opens a can of worms on the underlying beast beneath the still waters surrounding our nation. “Not everything is all good, and acknowledging the flaws of the country you live in is not akin to disloyalty. “

Their fresh catalogue is enough to guarantee Spit in the elite class on The Carjack Tour bill. Flexing for the muscular Obese label, Spit finds strength in feeding off the talent and energy found in-house.

“I do think it’s positive that there is more quality hip-hop being put out in this country, and that spans across all states, crews and record labels.”



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